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Meet the TEAM

Yvette Hochberg, the executive producer, co-producer, director and screenwriter of the Trilogy created the characters and their stories after attending a Torah study. Discovering that she did not wholly agree with her Rabbi's interpretation of what is a Jew, she proceeded to continue the Torah discussion in the car. As she drove home she imagined that the Rabbi was sitting in the passenger seat next to her. " Where would this discussion lead?"  To the RIDING WITH THE RABBI TRILOGY, of course!

J. Emilio Martinez, co-producer of the first film, RIDING WITH THE RABBI, brings to the table 25 years of experience as a producer, director, and  independent filmmaker. What more can he do but to help Yvette create a team plan for the TRILOGY and its final destination.

Jeff McKinney, a well-seasoned actor appearing in SELMA and SON OF THE SOUTH, plays the main character, Sam.  He is also a co-producer for the second film in the TRILOGY, OY TO THE WORLD.  And as the TRILOGY'S set designer,  let's just say, he keeps everything "kosher".

Natalie Pace, another co-producer of OY TO THE WORLD and the 1st AD for RIDING WITH THE RABBI and OY TO THE WORLD, has been a G-d send.  A graduate of the Zaki Gordon Center for Cinematic Arts in Lynchburg, VA,  she brings her experience and expertise on how to produce a great short film on a shoe string budget, every independent filmmaker's dream. She also keeps the set on "pace" and the crew on schedule.

doey movie2.jpg

Dolores Martinez Hernandez, a newcomer to the film industry and an executive producer for RIDING WITH THE RABBI, is a lawyer by day but an art lover by night. She has lent her unending support in the making of both RIDING WITH THE RABBI and OY TO THE WORLD.  Welcome, Dolores!

evan movie.jpg

Evan Hochberg, a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida has proven to be a multi-talented addition to the crew, stepping in not only as a co-producer for RIDING WITH THE RABBI but providing the graphic designs for the TRILOGY'S brand and website.

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